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Value and Convenience

Residential Services

Ervinas Facilities Management is the one-stop-shop for single family homeowners who own multiple properties and for those looking to increase their property value with home additions and large-scale remodeling projects.

Multiple property owners: Ervinas FM will help you to continue building equity and enjoying your free cash flow while you leave the work to us. We offer quick turnover times in between residents of your single family homes. Minimize vacancy times with Ervinas proprietary Unit Ready Process, delivering repeatable, consistent, cost-effective turnovers. We also offer contracted home maintenance and repair, so you can stop taking those emergency calls in the middle of the night or during your busy weekend. When you are ready to have your free time back, give Ervinas FM a call. 

Single family homeowners: Ervinas FM also specializes in top-notch home additions and remodeling projects. As needed, we can partner with our affiliate Ervinas Operations Management to plan out your dream, ensuring all building and zoning codes are considered. Once all of the necessary approvals and permits are obtained, our Ervinas FM general contractor service will coordinate to make sure your project remains on time, on budget and built to the high quality standards you expect.