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Project Management


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Project Management

Capital Improvement: Construction

When investing in your facility to increase its value, ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Ervinas FM is here to help you every step of the way. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in design, engineering, construction and financial planning / budgets. 

1. Consultation: Determine whether your project is a capital improvement or repair/maintenance. Under certain circumstances, you may be exempt from paying sales tax. Understand your cost basis, potential savings on capital gains tax and whether you are subject to a capital improvement fee from your HOA. Plan your project carefully, whether it’s a simple remodel or a plan to update multiple properties over time.

2. Plan:  As ideas can often exceed budgets, it is wise to have help from Ervinas FM Project Management Team to advise and formulate your personalized plan to get the highest return for your investment. Our expert team has extensive experience in creating individualized plans, based on your particular goals and budget, whether the project is planned over weeks, months or years. 

3. Execution: Ervinas FM Project Management Team acts as YOUR representative on site to coordinate and oversee the general contractor and subcontractors, providing regular status reports on timeline and expenditures. We work for YOU to bring in your project on time, on budget and built to the highest quality standard.  We consider all aspects of your plan from supply chain to labor and construction to ensure you are thrilled with the result of your investment. 

Capital Improvement: Equipment

1. Consultation: Meet with an Ervinas FM Project Manager to tell them about what goals you have for your capital equipment purchase, installation and operation. Let us know whether you have chosen a vendor and show us the space in which the equipment is planned to be installed. And, of course, have a budget in mind for this investment in your business.

2. Plan: The Ervinas FM Project Management Team will formulate a plan for your capital equipment investment. Our experts will advise you on available vendors, space, installation and operation considerations. Your plan will also outline steps to minimize disruption, mitigate risks and comply with regulatory codes. And a financial plan to outline the estimated costs of the project as well as your return on investment.

3. Execution: Our project manger will act as YOUR representative during the project, overseeing and coordinating all vendors, contractors and subcontractors to ensure your capital equipment project remains on budget, on time and meets your high quality standards. You will receive status reports so that you know milestones are being met within your financial expectations.