The Ervinas Difference

Industrial & Manufacturing


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Minimize downtime and maximize consistency

Industrial & Manufacturing

Ervinas Facilities Management highly experienced and trained team members help to keep your facility up and running, continuing to produce consistent and reliable results while avoiding unexpected downtime. We give you an edge on your competition by following these principles:

Safety: With a strong focus on primary prevention of workplace hazards, the Ervinas FM team assesses injury and illness risk from building and equipment sources, then implements the principles of OSHA Hierarchy of Controls to mitigate the risks.

Compliance: Our team members are trained and adhere to all applicable regulatory laws, codes and industry best practice guidelines.


Employees: By adhering to safety and compliance standards during maintenance, repair and upgrades, the Ervinas FM team performs in an efficient and timely manner while minimizing risks and delays associated with preventable accidents to both personnel and capital assets. 

Production: Through thoughtful and experienced planning and execution, Ervinas FM will minimize lost production time while systems are being maintained, repaired or upgraded. If “working hours” don’t work for your facility, we are available during nights and weekends to ensure your continued productivity.


Asset management & life cycle planning: From physical structure to HVAC and from capital equipment to electrical fixtures, Ervinas FM will help you to create and execute a long-term plan to repair, maintain and upgrade your systems, maximizing the value of your property and decreasing production downtime as well as operational costs.

Space utilization: Increase worker productivity and production capacity while decreasing non-essential processes, labor cost and workplace illness and injury with thoughtful floor plan reorganization and improvements. 

Sustainability: Increase efficiency and decrease utility costs through improvements such as energy efficient lighting, window tinting, solar panel installation, and low flow faucets and toilets.

Security: Increase employee safety and decrease financial losses due to misuse and theft of company time and property through use of electronic locks to limit access, installation of security systems and cameras, as well as gates and fencing to protect company grounds. 

Reliability: Decrease the cost of your facilities management through a long-term contract with Ervinas FM. Enjoy the benefits of priority response, reduced service rates and planned maintenance to minimize emergency and unscheduled call-outs. We will even warehouse long-lead-time critical spares and consumables to expedite repairs and reduce costs for your facility.