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Diversify Your Investments

Full Service Facility Management

Many of our clients look to diversify their investments by entering a new industry. Often, these clients are already successful facility owners and have extensive experience in many business areas; however, when venturing into a new business area, do not have the time to delve into industry equipment requirements, best practices, regulations, etc. Alternatively, many thriving business owners no longer have the time, nor the desire, to focus on the day-to-day operations of their facilities.

When your time is more valuable making money, instead of making every daily decision, call Ervinas FM for Full Service Facility Management. Let us know where you are in the process and we will make sure you have the resources to succeed. You can expect regular status reports so you are assured your investment is in the best hands.

Idea: If you are at the very early stage of taking on a new investment, we are more than happy to facilitate a free consultation with our affiliate, Ervinas Operations Management, for market analyses, strategic planning, business plans, financial projections and slide decks to raise capital. As needed, they will also prepare and submit privileged license applications. Ervinas FM are ready to help you find your location, and create a plan for building or improving an existing facility to fit your needs.

Pre- launch: At this stage, Ervinas FM

  • acquires any required approvals and permits;
  • creates a procurement plan for supplies and equipment;
  • coordinates and schedules all contractors and sub contractors; and,
  • notifies the surrounding community about the projected timeline to minimize disruptions.

Construction / Improvement: Ervinas FM acts as an owner’s representative by overseeing and coordinating the general contractor as well as the subcontractors and vendors. We ensure your plan is thoughtfully and carefully implemented, so your investment is ready on time, on budget and to your specifications. The last phase of this process is the certificate of occupancy.

Ready to Operate: 

  • Turnkey Facility Management: Ervinas FM will coordinate to train your facility team on the structure and equipment.
  • Full Service, Contract Facility Management: Ervinas FM will stay on as your full service facility managers. We are committed to maximizing the lifespan of your facility and equipment through proactive maintenance, and remain reactive when a repair is needed. We are available days, nights and weekends to minimize downtime and maximize your profits.

I have a problem: If you are in this situation, we understand. Sometimes, this happens to the best facility owners. We’ve heard it all…property managers are great with ads and renters, but cannot keep up the property…maintenance crew has issues with unprofessionalism, absenteeism or missing tools and equipment…GC has cost overruns, project was estimated to be done months ago or even worse, the GC has vanished…the renovation was of poor quality and needs to be redone…this has been fixed 3 times now and it keeps breaking…

No worries, Ervinas FM has your back. Let’s get you back on track and moving forward smoothly with reliable, professional, full service contract facility management services.